Introducing Activity Feed

Stay up to date with Luro’s new Activity Feed.

The previous iteration of the overview page was a bit noisy. We had a few streams of the latest updates across all sections of Luro, but they were cluttered and scattered about. It made it difficult to know where to pay attention and spot the difference between what was new and what was updated.

The new activity feed inside of Luro

The more feedback we got from our private beta users, we realized they were missing important updates like new prototypes, survey results, project status changes, etc. So we merged all the activity streams into a single chronological feed to surface recent updates right when you log in.

Right now, we surface a few core activities:

  • New styles, components, component variants, and pages
  • New source files
  • New projects
  • New documents, prototypes, research, and testing
  • Status changes across all items
  • Deleted items
  • Automated Luro jobs like performance and accessibility audits, and analytics crawls

Logging into Luro and getting a high-level overview of what’s been happening across the entire product is a pretty cool feeling. It’s like an internal status hub for product teams, but better because it’s less ephemeral when everything is tied back to the product you’re building. We’d love for you to try it out and let us know your thoughts.

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