Enhanced Accessibility and Performance Reporting

Luro’s weekly performance and accessibility reports got a major upgrade. Previously, we only surfaced the final scores, which were helpful but required extra work to dig in and find root problems. Now, Luro surfaces all performance and accessibility data, giving you greater visibility on the health of your product and makes it actionable across your entire product.

Luro dashboard graphic showing accessibility and performance reporting with sitewide percentage impact and a table of itemized issues below

Aggregate accessibility issues across your product

Luro gives a breakdown of the most common issues affecting your customers’ user experience across the product. For each issue, you get a page-by-page and element-by-element breakdown, which WCAG criteria you’re failing to meet, and which populations are most impacted. It’s easier than ever to assess your biggest accessibility problems.

Never be caught off-guard when management shows up with a panicked look in their eyes. Fixing detectable issues and having a monitoring system in place will lead to more successful, happier customers and make more extensive accessibility audit work more impactful in the future.

Identify big performance bottlenecks

Amazon sees a 1% decrease in revenue for every 100ms increase in load time – wpostats.com

Your company is leaving money on the table in terms of performance. According to Amazon, every 100ms of latency equals a 1% loss in revenue. Google found a similar 500ms increase in page load results in a 25% less searches. With those numbers, getting a high-level picture of which performance liabilities are impacting your users is more critical than ever.

Be aware of improperly-sized images or render-blocking resources — as performance issues tend to be more systemic and repeat themselves across the product. You can use Luro to find big opportunities and fix issues impacting your customers and revenue. Customers love snappy products (and so does Google Search).

Luro dashboard graphic showing accessibility reporting

Plan your next maintenance project

Sometimes, the most significant impact you can have on a product isn’t a new whizbang feature; it’s improving and optimizing pieces you’ve already built. Luro can help you quantify and identify the structural user experience problems your product faces.

Not sure where to start? Sign up for Luro, add some key pages to audit, and now you’re a click away from getting a 10,000-foot view as well as a page-by-page breakdown of opportunities to improve your product’s UX.

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